Breathe Deeply welcomes each client individually. Caring, knowledgeable certified instructors give hour long private sessions addressing your unique body type & progress. Your personal strengths, level of focus, motivation & areas requiring extra work are all considered in your workout design. One-on-one attention insures the pace & scope will challenge you & deliver results. The sessions evolve as your body responds. With equipment, mat work, and smaller props we keep your body, mind & breath fully engaged.

We’re committed to your success! We want you to experience enhanced wellness & deep, open breath through inspiring workouts. Sharing our knowledge & understanding with you encourages you to stay on track & motivated, whatever your fitness level when you begin. We’ll help you work through imbalances, postural habits, & rehabilitate injuries. You will experience the many benefits of increased strength, flexibility, improved posture & alignment.

Our mission: Every client will leave feeling better, more alert, inspired, & breathing deeply. You’ll experience a heightened sense of well-being, realize your body’s full potential & improve overall health through your regular Pilates practice.