Ruby L:
Summer is wonderful! I was considering surgery to fix a herniated disc, but then I started pilates with her, and I’ve had very little back pain since. I’m able to do all my other activities – soccer, snowboarding, gardening, things that my back pain had periodically prevented me from doing. Summer puts a lot of thought into creating each workout to best meet my needs. Her positive energy and enthusiasm for life make every pilates session fun, even when my muscles are burning from her workout.

Jack Keenan:
Breathe Deeply Pilates has eliminated back pain from my life. Summer, Nicole and Aine have taken my workouts to a level that I would have never achieved on my own. Their knowledge of the body and how to heal it is incredible.

Rowena Cherry:
I’ve been a client on and off over the past few years at Breathe Deeply Pilates, very much enjoyed and benefited from my sessions with Summer, and now am currently working with Aine. I do so much enjoy my sessions with her. Not just the bright, fun, friendly personality that welcomes me each time, but also her wide breadth of skills and knowledge that always come together to help my body get what it needs. Sometimes this is to strengthen something, and sometimes it is to stretch something……she is great at observing what is going on with each part of me, and at picking/devising just the right movements and exercises to get the job done. I always feel challenged, and come away feeling energised, loosened up and positive about my sessions with her. Its such a valuable experience on so many levels…..I always learn new things. I thoroughly recommend her……try out a session with Aine- your body and mind will thank you.

Judy Wahl, Senior Client:
I just want you to know how happy I am with your Pilates program. I have been with you only a short time but I already see some improvement in my balance & strength. Your skill & passion for the program is very apparent.

Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Taking Pilates with Michelle, by Rebecca J:

1) Her great sense of humor and positive attitude. The time flys by. 2) Her attention to safety and injury prevention. She’s got your back. (I couldn’t resist the pun) 3) Clear verbal and visual instructions 4) Her thorough knowlege of the exercises 5) The variety. Michelle utilizes all the fabulous equipment available at Breathe Deeply

Carrli Collins:
I look forward all week to my Friday Pilates class with Michelle. The class keeps me standing taller, feeling stronger, and able to do Skin Care and computer work all week long- with no pain!!! Michelle has great energy and amazing Pilates knowledge. Every class is something new and different – She keeps us on our toes and gently pushes to perform at our very best! Plus one look at her and you want to do pilates!!! 🙂

Rosemary B:
I am 66. Pilates has been a life saver. My body just keeps getting better and better. I have more strength, balance and I love my walk with spritely steps not a bent over shuffle. The staff is so supportive and Summer knows so much about anatomy. When you walk in the door, she immediately knows what needs to be worked on. I love it. One of my favorite parts of the week. The space is bright, friendly, efficient and effective. I finally got my husband to go and his back, that had not been helped by other treatments, is finally feeling better. Summer and Breathe Deeply Pilates are Great!!!!!!

M.M. Teen Client Aptos:
I am 15 years old and enjoy Michelle Moyer’s weekly Teen Pilates class! She teaches them twice a week and it proves to be a great cros-trainer for y other sports. In our class we have multiple injuries as well. I know we have had girls with back problems, like scoliosis, and Michelle’s class has helped them. Through Michelle’s class I have met new friends, my Pilates family. Over the 4 1/2 years I have been taking this class, I have become stronger, inside and out, more flexible, and I always feel great after taking class. The studio is also a great environment, the bright walls, the smell, and the feel that people bring in there is great! I encourage any one to come into the studio because they can accomadate anybody for a class specialized for their needs!

Steve Pereira:
Woohoo! Yes, Summer Doty’s “Breathe Deeply” Pilates studio is truly as good as it gets!!! Let’s just say, Joe Pilates would be very proud of Summer and her merry band of instructor’s. I can just say that I’d feel like the “Tin Man” in the Wizard of Oz. Without my strength building workouts with Summer…She makes getting your body, mind,and spirit into tip-top shape. She’s kept this old bag of bones humming like a Ferrari. If you’re sore and tired, get your butt’s into her studio, and let her get you back into shape! This is truly Quality time well spent!

Daniel Wilson:
I have been training with Summer at Breathe Deeply Pilates, for over a year now. I was recommended by a close friend to go to Breathe Deeply, for severe back pain after an MRI diagnosed with multiple bulging disks. At that time I was fearful that the slightest wrong movement might end me up in bed for a week. During my time at Breathe Deeply I have learned and been given the tools to correct my posture, strengthen my core, loose weight, and begin to trust my body once again. Now when my body aches, I don’t grab the ice pack, I sign up for class! Breathe Deeply is full of wonderful energy, friendly clients, and gifted instructors.

John C:
I’m only writing a positive review because that’s the honest thing to do. I’d rather say things were terrible there because, like a fabulous restaurant, you don’t want the word to get out because then you won’t be able to get a reservation at your favorite table. But I’m so thankful to the friend who told me abut this place. The folks there are so very good at what they do. The classes really make me work hard in ways that surprise me every time, and I have made a lot of progress in the two plus years I’ve been going. If they were in San Jose I’d still make the trip over the hill – that’s how valuable I think services are. My wife has seen the changes in me and she too comes for the benefits of classes that really build stability and body awareness.

Jennifer P:
Breathe Deeply Pilates is a wonderful place to go for Pilates instruction. The space is comfortable and inviting and the instructors are fantastic. I have been doing private sessions there for over a year now. The fabulous Summer Doty & Ka Bezerra are my teachers and they are both incredible, but the other instructors are great as well. For many years I have been dealing with several health issues including Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue, Asthma/Allergies and Osteopenia/Osteoporosis. I now feel stronger and more sure of my body than I have in the past 25 years. But don’t trust my word, go check it out for yourself. They have both private sessions as well as small classes. Go! You won’t be disappointed! :~)

Claire B:
I’ve been a client of Summer’s at the Breathe Deeply Studio since it opened. I work with her 3 times a week and feel my balance, posture, flexibility, and strength have improved because of the sessions. I’ve learned so much from her about movements to correct my own body structure that I probably could do the Pilates on my own, but Summer has the unique ability to recognize and correct my issues many times before I can even identify them. I can’t imagine not working with her. The studio is filled with amazing Pilates equipment yet the surroundings are very light and airy.

Mikaela S:
I’ve been doing Pilates on the machines and mat for over 8 years; I’ve taken Pilates from a variety of different teachers and studios from Canada, the U.A. and Mexico. In Santa Cruz alone I’ve worked out at 4 different studios. None of the teachers compare to the Pilates I’ve done with Summer from Breathe Deeply. She is the owner/teacher and her passion and knowledge of anatomy and Pilates is amazing; she can look at your body and see the slightest anatomical correction that needs to be made! For someone who has been doing Pilates as long as myself this is such a treat; I am constantly learning from her. 

Also when my neck or back has gone out, she is able to help my body readjust itself without going to a chiropractor! I cannot recommend this studio enough. Also they have great reformer classes and a variety of teachers. Depending on your needs or your pocket book you can do privates or group classes with 4 other people!

Cynthia B:
I have a friend that has 3 kids and is the most amazing shape. She told me that integrates pilates into her normal workout at least once a week. So, naturally I was intrigued. She referred my to Aine (pronounced On-yah) at Breathe Deeply. I called and spoke to Aine and she informed me that before I took the beginner mat class ($20 per session) that I needed to take 4 intro classes ($140) in order to make sure I learned the breathing and movements properly. Well, my first thought was to call around and check prices. Other places told me to come right in to their beginner class. So, I felt comforted knowing that Breathe Deeply didn’t just want me to be another customer. But, they wanted me to learn the proper techniques. 
I have since completed my 4 intro classes and 2 beginning mat classes. Let me say, I am sore! I am learning how hard you can work with just your own body weight and resistance. PLUS, I just had a friend make a comment at the beach that “Cynthia looks like she has been working out!”

Kati G:
I have been wanting to try Pilates for over a year and finally took the plunge a few weeks ago. Wow!! I was so sore after my first session and my abs actually had a cut. The studio is immaculate with brand new top of the line gear. The requirement for 4 intro private classes at a discounted rate is well worth it to make sure one is ready for a group experience. My classes are with Sandra Larson and she is wonderful. She always greets me with a big smile and positive attitude and let me tell you, after a stressful work day, It is so nice to have the personal attention and carrying that I have been getting from each class. I am also learning about parts of my anatomy that I did not know “needed work”. Sandra is all about really targeting those spots, while saying, “isn’t that nice?” I am very pleased with the passion she and experience she is sharing with me and have now signed up for a series. Definitely wanted to share what a nice experience I am having.

Karen F:
My 17 year old daughter has been taking Pilates Teen class with Michelle M. for the past two years to help her with issues involving back pain and hyper mobility with her hips, and joints. Michelle is extremely knowledgable about Pilates and many different medical conditions, working closely with her clients Physicians. Michelle is passionate about educating her clients and community about the benefits that Pilates has to offer to our health and wellness. My daughter has made tremendous progress in resolving her back pain and learning so much about her body, movement and breathing technique with Michelle’s help. Plus, she has fun and de-stresses after a long day of school and studying! Despite my daughter’s busy schedule, she looks forward to her weekly Pilates class. I highly recommend the class for teens, and my husband & I are also looking forward to taking our own classes with Michelle!

Bill R:
I highly recommend Ka and Breathe Deeply Pilates. They have been an important addition to my workout routine. The equipment is in excellent condition, the trainers are very knowledgeable and the personal attention is amazing. The communication to know how I’m doing and what needs to be worked on is excellent. I have been going to Ka at Breathe Deeply for about 6 months and can feel a noticeable improvement in my physical and mental condition.

J.K., Santa Cruz:
If you are looking for the best Pilates Studio in Aptos, look no further. This is a very nice studio, and the instructors are all knowledgeable and professional. If you are thinking of trying Pilates for the first time, or you are advanced and looking for a challenge I highly recommend you go to Breath Deeply. You will be glad you did.

Peter M:
The depth of training by Michelle is amazing. She always is able to mix things up. I have taken from her for a long time, and never repeated the same set of exercises. I am a fan of the BASI method that integrates the whole integrated body health view. I would highly recommend Michelle and Breathe Deeply.

Lisa G:
I live in San Francisco but spend a lot of time in Capitola at our beach house. In SF I go to Pilates sessions 3-4 times a week and didn’t want to lose traction while spending time at the beach. I tried several studios in the area until I found Michelle Moyer at Breathe Deeply and immediately realized I had found the quality of instruction I wanted and needed to maintain the progress I was making in the City. Not only is Michelle a trained and superior instructor, she also makes it easy for me to schedule appointments in advance or last minute. Her flexibility (pun?) and availability to work with my timing is a huge advantage to an already perfect situation. Breathe Deeply’s studio and equipment is in excellent condition, clean and the quality I’ve become accustomed to finding in larger cities. Everything about this studio is topnotch. I highly recommend Breathe Deeply for the complete Pilates experience as it was originally created and crafted to do.

Paul W:
I have been training with Summer since the studio opened. I now train three times weekly with Summer, Michelle and Alexandra. I’m almost 80 and feel at least 20 years younger thanks to their knowledge professionalism. I highly recommend Breathe Deeply Pilates.

Stephanie F:
Core what? After training with Summer at Breathe Deeply Pilates I now understand what finding your core means. Summer and all the instructors at Breathe Deeply have the unique ability to strengthen and support any body type, at any skill level. Having 3 children, past injuries and health issues, I feel Pilates has completely enhanced my strength, energy level and not to mention muscle tone in all the right places. Thanks Breathe Deeply for creating a clean and comfortable place to work out!

Shelley K:
I have been practicing pilates for about 10 years now. And, started training with Summer even before she opened the beautiful studio that we now enjoy. I don’t want to repeat what other reviewers have already said but I agree wholeheartedly with all the positive comments that have been made. I have referred many friends and family members to Breathe Deeply and several have become as devotees like me. All of the instructors there are outstanding. All are trained in pilates but each brings their own unique set of experience and education, so you won’t get the same routine every time you go there. Whether you’re doing pilates to recover from an injury, to get more fit, or to maintain your fitness, the instructors tune in to what pilates exercises will help you most and to what health goals you want to achieve. Summer, in particular, has a gift in this regard. This place is about health and wellness, strength and flexiibility. I cannot recommend it more highly.